At the beginning of the 1990s, BD Barcelona Design, had the great idea to reproduce the furnitures designed by Gaudí. In april 1991, Dr. Joan Bassegoda, director of the Royal Gaudí Chair, and Mr. Josep M. Garrut, director of the Gaudí Museum, authorised the Gabinet Modernista to make moulds of each piece of the original furnishings and use them to make replicas. This process was also possible thanks to the invaluable cooperation stimable of the Cortina Brothers, master craftsmen. Since then the Gabinet Modernista (formerly with other names) has been the first and only one enterprise in the world that had the authorisation to use these moulds and that it reproduces Gaudi’s furnitures. The original furnishings were made by the master woodcarvers from the Casas & Bardés workshop in Barcelona, working under Gaudí’s supervision, between 1900 and 1907.

Responsability and expertise

Gabinet Modernista’s mission is to use our treasured masters, history , craftmanship and experience of over 25 years to achieve perfect, exceptional, high-end, facsimile replicas of furniture designed by Gaudí, handcarved by selected master artisans.

A certificate of authenticity signed by the Gabinet Modernista is accompanied to certify that our pieces are replicas of the original as they are handcrafted using our unique and treasured moulds. Our furniture are engraved with a serial number and seals of the current master craftsman and the Gabinet Modernista. This enables identification and certification of all replica Gaudí furnishings made by us.